Hi, I'm Disha Sharma

I am a certified Happiness & Purpose life coach with more than 10 years of life coaching experience. I guide driven individuals to become their happiest and live a purpose driven life. Fun fact - My name literally means Direction!

I want to dedicate my life to help others. Through my 1-on-1 coaching you will learn how to become in charge of your happiness, attain unshakeable self-confidence in yourself and gain the courage to finally take action towards your dreams!

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Disha Sharma


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Disha Sharma

  • Jasmine, Music Therapist

    Working with Disha has been such a beautiful experience. I needed guidance and support to push me forward and find clarity in my pursuits, and Disha had given me exactly that- unrelenting support and faith. I appreciated how in-tuned Disha was with her inner intuitive guidance. Sharing of that gift with me during sessions had in turn helped me recognize, and nurture this skill of mine to further my own pursuits. Disha was always able to remain centered, understanding, and passionate in sharing her insights during our sessions; her faith in me has been genuine, motivating, warm, and trusting. I was able to work through some of my most limiting beliefs with Disha’s guidance, and also gotten some practical insights in career building. I often found myself feeling more energized and inspired to action after our sessions! Disha, thank you for your time, your trust in me, your care, and your words. You are a beautiful radiant soul, anyone who gets the chance to receive your support is a lucky one.

  • Josh, Transformative Life Coach

    Working with Disha is a luxury you should gift yourself. Give yourself this gift. It’s empowering strengthening and comforting having Disha as a guide and confidante through life’s seasons. Through her guidance I’ve gained deeper clarity around my values and life goals and have made positive shifts to make my choices and actions be more congruent with them and in doing so I’ve developed greater self esteem, grown more confident in my business, and am in a new beautiful relationship (which Disha helped me make space for, in my schedule and in my mind and heart) which Disha’s helped me show up for better than I would have on my own. I am more clear centered calm and stronger with Disha in my corner. I’m grateful for you Disha! Thank you. 

  • Tina, Business Owner

    The past four years have been somewhat of a struggle for me, enduring health issues, COVID and becoming depressed. So I set out to help myself and I decided my next step was to work with a Life Coach and this is where Disha came in. She asked me how she could help me and the only way I could explain how I was feeling was that I was "Stuck". Stuck in pretty much every aspect of my life. Disha showed me how to start living again. She taught me how to meditate, to enjoy the simple things,  schedule my time but not to beat myself up when I backslid. She's such a lovely lady.  She always seemed to understand how I was feeling and had great suggestions to overcome issues I was facing. Thankyou Disha!  You don't know how much you helped me!

  • Kara, Occupational Therapist

    I found Disha during an uncertain period of my life where I was meeting several crossroads and was filled with self-doubt. The first thing I noticed about her was her calming and grounding energy which helped me recentre myself as I went through the sessions. I always came out of the sessions feeling more energized, empowered and hopeful. I enjoyed the sessions and sometimes forgot it went over the time allotted. She is passionate about what she does and has a wealth of knowledge on energy and attraction, with personal experiences and examples to relate to real life. She was also able to pick up things about me energetically. She gave several helpful self-management tools and habits to use after sessions and onwards. Her warm and positive energy made me feel safe enough to open up and heal on a deeper level. Her energy feels like a warm ray of light and I highly recommend!

  • Vidhi, Researcher & Strategist

    Disha doesn't coach you on your life. She co-creates your journey with you. The sessions with Disha gave me the strength, the wisdom and the direction I didn't even know I needed. She helped me completely flip my narrative for myself. My time spent with her was full of laughter, stories and infinite aha moments. She goes above and beyond for whoever she collaborates with and invests herself fully in the success of her clients. I am so grateful and feel so lucky to have done this with her! 

  • Wedad, Ceo

    I found in Disha trust that's rare to find. She is a pure soul. She did her best to help me and guide me through her journey. She guides by example and opens your eyes to know your true self and power to reach your highest potential. Her trustful eyes reflect the unwavering belief she holds in your journey and potential. She guides you toward your inner light with each glance, inspiring confidence and growth. A true life coaching trainer, her gaze mirrors the trust she has in your ability to reach your aspirations and dreams.

  • Gurpreet, Food Blogger

    "Working with Disha Sharma was a life changing experience. Our sessions helped me truly move forward in life. I barely recognize the woman I was before, my life is filled with so much happiness. She has a versatile tool box that helped me gain clarity regarding my life purpose. Thank you Disha for working with me, I am so grateful. Disha’s positive energy has helped me to make choices from a place of optimism instead of fear. I wholeheartedly recommend Disha if you’re considering making changes in your life or career.

  • Juhi, Management Consultant

    Having Disha as my happiness coach was a game changing experience! Not only did her fun toolbox gave me clarity with respect to my goals and managing my stress levels, it made me a much more positive person overall. I felt a huge change in the way I looked at myself, respected myself, and oh how confident it made me feel! Her suggested exercises made me feel excited and happy as I discovered the joy of being me! I looked forward to my sessions with Disha with a great feeling of anticipation. I am really grateful and proud of her for aligning her work with her life's purpose to inspire people!


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Schedule a free 30 min consultation. Get a taste of my coaching. We will discuss how the sessions will work for you, discuss issues you are facing, create a personalized roadmap and you can ask anything that you feel like talking. As a Life Coach, I am here to guide you.

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