Happiness Life Coaching

Who is a Happiness Life Coach ?

A Happiness Life coach is a guide and accountability partner that enables you to find greater happiness in your life. Your coach will help you look at your life in new and exciting ways. They will share tools and techniques that will help you to find your bliss. They help you create positive habits that contribute to your happiness in a sustainable way. 

What does a Happiness Coach do ?

Creating self awareness is the first step towards becoming your happiest best. In order to create a happier life, it is essential to embark on a self discovery journey. Sessions with a happiness coach will be aimed at figuring out what genuinely makes you happy. Every person is different and unique like a snowflake. So different things are important to different individuals. A happiness coach will guide you effectively through this self discovery journey. Your coach will assist you in connecting with positive emotions and help change your perspective towards difficult situations. 

Do I need a Happiness Coach ?

Creating a happy life is a never ending process, however it can be achieved through simple steps. Working with an experienced coach can make the journey enjoyable and fruitful. A happiness coach will help you set meaningful goals and help you see the positive which will be game changing on your path to happiness. A lot of times we are not able to see blind spots in our lives. Blind spots are areas of our lives that need attention and work but we are oblivious to them. A happiness coach will bring these areas to light and enable you to face your fears. 

How will working with a Happiness Coach will benefit you ?

If you are facing below issues, then working with a Happiness coach will benefit you - 

  • You feel you lack meaning and purpose in life.
  • You get anxious thoughts about the future.
  • You want greater fulfillment and contentment in your relationships.
  • You feel burnout at work and want to slow down
  • You lack clear boundaries when it comes to your time management
  • You are going through a personal challenge 
  • You are stressed in your day to day life and want to simplify things

Science-backed ways to living a happier life :- 

1. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude - Feeling grateful for the blessings in your life leads to a happier life. When we make it a daily habit to write gratitude lists or express gratitude for the things and people in our lives, we make a habit to focus on the positive bright side. Our reticular activating system (RAS) which is a filtering system in our brain that finds us what we are actively looking for. So let’s be careful of what we look for because we will eventually find it. When we focus on feeling thankful for our blessings, our RAS filters out more blessings and in turn we think more positive thoughts. It becomes easier for us to feel happier and more content with our life.

2. Build strong relationships - Make the effort and take out time from your life to build stronger interpersonal relationships with people who are good for your mental health. Spending quality time with people who inspire you or energize you has a positive influence on our moods. Be selective about the company you keep. Connecting with people who radiate positive energy and joy will help recharge your energy reserves. 

3. Random acts of kindness - Find innovative ways to do random acts of kindness throughout the day on purpose. Make an effort to perform simple acts of kindness such as offering to babysit for a friend, feeding the birds, writing a gratitude letter to your best friend or smiling at people (your positive energy is contagious). Studies have shown that performing random acts of kindness is linked to greater feelings of happiness and wellbeing. 

4. Practice Mindfulness - Mindfulness the human ability to be fully present and aware of what we are doing. Intentionally practicing mindfulness throughout our day helps reduce stress, increases productivity and makes us feel happier. You can bring more mindfulness to your day by engaging in mindful breathing, mindful reading, mindful eating and basically engaging in any activity with more awareness. 


About Me 

Hi, I am Disha Sharma! I am a certified Happiness & Purpose life coach with more than 10 years of experience. I guide driven individuals to become their happiest and live a purpose-driven life. Fun fact - My name literally means Direction!
I want to dedicate my life to helping others. Through my 1-on-1 coaching, you will learn how to become in charge of your happiness, attain unshakeable self-confidence and gain the courage to finally take action toward your dreams!
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