Life Purpose Coaching

What is Life Purpose Coaching ?

Life Purpose coaching is a type of coaching designed to help individuals discover their life purpose and create goals that are in line with their dreams. You might have many dreams and aspirations but you don’t know where to begin or how to strategically plan for making them a reality. Or you are not sure what you want from life and have no clue what makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied. Whatever the case, a life purpose coach provides tailored guidance. A life purpose coach helps clarify goals when there is confusion and ambiguity. 

What does a Life Purpose Coach do ?

A Life Purpose Coach helps their clients visualize what they want their life to look like and help them make it a reality. They guide individuals to discover their purpose and become their happiest self. Life Purpose Coaching focuses on uncovering deep seated dreams and desires which will bring greater fulfillment to their clients. 

A life purpose coach helps with the following -

  • Increase self awareness
  • Recognize strengths and talents
  • Release self doubt
  • Elevate confidence
  • Explore innermost dreams and desires
  • Help in planning and goal setting

What to expect from Life Purpose Coaching ?

  • It’s a marathon not a sprint - You cannot put a time limit to finding your purpose. It might take a few days or a few months or maybe more. A life purpose coach helps you find the key to unlock your purpose and in order to find that key you need to do the inner work. Inner work takes time and effort, so be prepared to invest time in yourself with patience. 
  • Focus on the journey - Remember the journey is as important as the destination. Taking an inner journey to gain more self awareness is in itself fun and fulfilling. A purpose coach will help you cherish the time spent on discovering your life purpose.    
  • Being vulnerable -   If you are someone who worries too much about what others think and feel afraid to share your uniqueness with the world. Then a life purpose coach will push you outside of your comfort zone and encourage you to be more vulnerable. You will learn how to disconnect yourself from the herd mentality and embrace your unconventional self. The more something scares you, chances are the more you need to do it. 
  • Releasing old limited beliefs - If you are on a soul searching journey and want to move in the direction of your dreams you need to release everything that isn’t serving you. This includes old habits, limiting beliefs, negative thinking and pessimistic attitude towards life. A life purpose coach will work with you and guide you to release everything that is holding you back from your best life. 

  • Live a purpose driven life 

    To live a purpose driven life, we need to ask ourselves the right questions. Journaling the answers to the right questions will help you determine your purpose. 

    Journal prompts that can help discover your life purpose

    1. What are the things you loved doing as a child ?
    2. What inspires you or moves you ?
    3. What makes you lose track of time ?
    4. Write in detail about how your best friend would describe you ?
    5. What would you still love to do even if it did not pay anything ?
    6. What would you love to teach ?
    7. Write about a person who inspires you, someone who is famous and well known. Write in detail about specific qualities that you admire in that person.
    8. What are your biggest achievements in life ?
    9. Write about

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