Spiritual Life Coaching

Who is a Spiritual Life Coach ?

As we navigate through life, there are times we feel lost and disconnected with our spiritual selves. A spiritual life coach helps you transform your life by changing your mindset and guides clients to connect with their spiritual side. 


Who is Spiritual Life Coaching for ?

People who are passionate to evolve and grow in life. People who have started asking themselves questions like Why am I here? What is my purpose in life ? Is there more to life ? People who want to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 

You need a spiritual life coach if you are going through -

  • Major life changes -  When you go through some major life events like a divorce, an accident, retirement, breakup, illness, or existential crisis and you feel like you have hit rock bottom. Suddenly your old life seems like a distant dream and your new life is too uncomfortable to accept. Spiritual life coaching can make a huge difference in the way you look at your life and move towards acceptance. A spiritual life coach can help you navigate obstacles and focus on the life lessons. Also a coach would help you re-evaluate your priorities in life after the major change. 
  • Want to elevate your confidence - Do you have a nasty inner critic who keeps bashing you when you make a mistake or learn something new? Do you feel trapped in perfectionist thinking and nothing feels good enough? Do you obsess over what others think of you? If your answer is yes for any of these questions then you will highly benefit from spiritual life coaching. A spiritual life coach will guide you to improve your self-talk,  will enable you to boost your confidence in your abilities and life decisions without needing external approval. 
  • Need work life balance - Do you think you need help prioritizing your life to create more work life balance. Are you slowly moving towards a burnout? A spiritual life coach can help you create positive habits to prevent emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. There are several spiritual practices that involve energy healing and in turn bring more balance into your life.
  • Questioning your life purpose - Are you asking yourself the quintessential question that “what is my purpose in life ?’, then spiritual coaching is definitely for you. When we are at a point where we are getting inquisitive about our life purpose and life choices, working with a spiritual life can provide invaluable clarity and direction. 
  • Boost your spiritual wellnessWe give a lot of priority to our physical fitness and take good care of our body. We hire a personal trainer or nutritionist to guide us towards physical fitness. Similarly collaborating with a spiritual life coach boosts your spiritual fitness. Just as our bodies need a good diet and movement, our spirits need exercise too. Spiritual wellness is not related to any religious beliefs but connecting with your inner self.  


What does a Spiritual Life Coach do ?

  • A spiritual life coach creates a safe space for clients to explore their deep seated beliefs, values and innermost desires. 
  • A spiritual life coach assists their clients to find their life purpose.
  • We all are born with an inner compass called intuition or gut feeling. A spiritual life coach helps their clients tap into their innate wisdom and intuition. 
  •  They help their clients create positive habits that align with their spiritual goals and desires.
  • They assist clients in acknowledging the blessings in their life and help them feel more gratitude for them. 
  • They guide their clients to release negative limiting beliefs that are not serving them and in turn help create more positive beliefs. 
  • They become an accountability partner which enables their clients to stay committed and consistent on their spiritual journey. 
  • They help create a future vision in alignment with their client’s values and life purpose. 

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