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Is Confidence a Skill ?

We all know people who seem naturally confident in whatever they do. Everything they do is with such flair and effortless charisma. It makes most people question if confidence is something you are born with? Is it coded in the DNA or genes of the person? It is assumed that either you possess confidence or you don’t. This is a big fat misconception because Confidence is a life skill that can be learned and embodied over time. 

Merriam Webster defines confidence as “a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or reliance on one’s circumstances.” Confidence is not a personality trait that you are born with. This is good news as Confidence is within reach for all of us. It can be developed by practice and having a growth mindset.

How does Confidence impact our life ?

The belief in oneself and one’s abilities has a powerful influence on the level of achievement in one’s life. When we possess confidence we are able to have unshakeable faith in our dreams and goals. We feel capable of going after our dreams, are ready to face challenges and trust that our success is inevitable. On the other hand when we lack confidence, we feel scared to dream big, are crippled with self doubt and end up playing a supportive role in our own life. 

Living with confidence is acknowledging that you are the main lead character of your life ! Work with me to bring out your main character energy that will take over every aspect of your life! You will no longer be looking at your life from the sidelines but will be immersed in every experience in a mindful, powerful way!

What does a Confidence Life coach do?

Just like you train your body in the gym by lifting weights and in turn you strengthen and build more muscles. Similarly, you train your mind to choose more confident thoughts over limiting thoughts to strengthen and build your confident muscles. This is what a Confidence Life Coach will guide you through. Just as a personal trainer coaches you to become physically fit, Confidence Life coach coaches you to become your most confident self!

Signs that you suffer with low confidence -

  • Imposter syndrome - You feel like an imposter at your work or relationship. Even if everything is going well on the outside it does not feel good on the inside. You are dealing with feelings of self doubt and inadequacy. 
  • Perfectionist thinking - You don’t feel good enough and always are in a relentless pursuit of perfection. You find it difficult to delegate tasks as you have trouble trusting people to do work according to your high standards. Even if you do delegate work, you micromanage everything and obsess over minor details. 
  • Roaring Inner Critic - Is your inner voice your biggest critic that blames, scolds and speaks harshly to you whenever you make a mistake or try to learn something. 
  • “What will people think” syndrome - You are too scared of people’s opinions and let that hold you back from living your best life. 
  • Struggle with consistency - You have lofty goals and dreams that keep you up at night but lack the consistency to follow through with them. 

    How to accelerate your confidence to elevate your life?

  • Step out of your comfort zone - One of the most effective things to gain more confidence is to do things outside your comfort zone from time to time. Push the envelope when it comes to learning new skills and talents. For instance if you have always wanted to be good at public speaking but are scared to speak in front of big crowds. Step in the unknown territory and start by speaking in front of small groups. Trying your hand at new things will increase your confidence levels manifold. 

  • Goal setting - We all make resolutions on new years. I say why wait till then, instead of regularly taking time out to set long term short term goals for yourself. Evaluating where you need to focus brings our attention to what matters most to us. Thereby we can break long term goals into small action steps and daily work we need to do to get there. We can then create a routine to include the daily action steps. Goal setting will give us fresh confidence to achieve more in life. 

  • Celebrate your wins big and small - All too often when we accomplish something in life, we immediately move on to pursuing the next goal, without taking the time to celebrate our successes. Eventually this leads to the feeling of being in a rat race. Enjoy your accomplishments either alone or with family and friends. Celebrate all your wins whether they seem big or small. Reward yourself with a small reward (a nice meal, movie, spa treatment etc) when you accomplish a small goal and reward yourself with a big reward (a trip, a party,  when you accomplish a big goal. It will keep you motivated and productive. Use your achievements to fuel more growth and self confidence. 

  • Make eye contact with people - Making eye contact when speaking to someone is the most effective way to display confidence and interest. It enables us to decode facial expressions and read nonverbal cues in a conversation in a better way. It also makes you look sure of what you are saying. 

  • Focus on your strengths - Identify your strengths and make a list of them. Read the list from time to time to remind yourself of your strengths and abilities. It will give you a positivity and confidence boost each time. If you are not even aware of your strengths, how will you develop them further? By focusing on your strengths you grow faster and feel more confident in your abilities. This will lead to putting more effort into learning new skills and putting more effort into improving your performance. 

  • Positive self talk - An internal dialogue that makes you feel good about yourself is really helpful in building self confidence . The quality of your self talk matters, You can use positive self talk to feel more optimistic and effectively deal with negative thoughts. 

    Work on your confidence with me!

    If you are dealing with the above issues then private Confidence Life coaching is the answer to your questions. Working with a professional Self Confidence Life coach is the fastest way to activate transformation in your life. Invest in yourself and work with me to bring dramatic positive change into your life. 


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