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Goal of Relationship Life Coaching

Humans are social animals and we all need deep relationships to help us thrive in life. Relationships are like a mirror which reflect back to us what’s within us. They challenge us, help us evolve and grow, test us sometimes and shower us with adoration other times. 

We deal with so many different kinds of relationships in our lives whether with life partners, family or friends. All of these relationships contribute to the richness of our life experience. However sometimes we need help in navigating through these relationships to find greater fulfillment. The goal of relationship life coaching is to help clients find greater joy and satisfaction in relationships. 

Do both partners in a relationship need to work with a Relationship Life Coach ?

There are different approaches relationship life coaches take in order to collaborate with their clients. Some relationship life coaches work with both the partners in the relationship to work on their conflict management skills, communication skills and provide them with the tools and strategies to better the relationship. 

Some relationship life coaches work on the individual's goals and vision. Coaches work with them to process their client’s emotions and create a better understanding of the relationship dynamics. They help transform the challenge the client is facing in the relationship into an opportunity for personal growth and if necessary guide them to look at their situation in a different perspective. 

Do I need to be in a romantic relationship to work with a Relationship Coach ?

Relationship life coaches also work with people who are not in a relationship but are seeking one. They work with people who are ready to enter into a relationship by helping them get clarity on what they want from the relationship and how to 

Relationship Life coaches help their clients understand deep seated beliefs around love and connection. Then they work through these beliefs with them to set inspiring new goals and achieve the desired results. They provide a safe space for their clients to feel heard, seen, acknowledged and face their fears. 

What is the difference between Relationship Coaching and Couples Therapy ?

Both relationship life coaching and couples therapy are fundamentally distinct professions and services. Couples therapy is recommended when someone is dealing with mental illness or has a lot of past trauma to uncover. Whereas relationship coaching is useful if the relationship is in trouble. Therapy is also recommended if there are childhood wounds to heal and move on from. 

Therapy most times focuses on the past childhood story whereas coaching focuses more on the present and the future goals.

How do I choose a Relationship Life Coach ?

Finding the appropriate fit is so important when looking to work with a coach. Proximity to coaches shouldn’t be a hindrance in accessing coaching. Many relationship coaches work remotely over video conferencing or phone saving time for the clients to schedule without the hassle of commuting and parking. Relationship coaches working remotely provide greater accessibility for the clients to reach them and schedule sessions from the comfort of their homes. Oftentimes coaches provide a free introductory call to discuss the coaching needs of the client. This call is a great way for the client to get a taste of the coaching style of the coach before committing to working with one.

I personally provide relationship life coaching to clients all over the world. Specifically, I have worked with a number of clients who were looking for a Relationship Life Coach in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Vancouver.


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